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Inflatable dinghy and inflatable boat repair paint from www.allinflatables.comInflatable dinghy repair and recoating paint for fixing old inflatable zodiac boats -

Before    A faded old inflatable is new again.    After

Inflatable boat repair and dinghy repair products, restore paint, repair kits, patches, glue, accessories and repairing information.

Repair, reseal, renew...and save money!

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Inflatable boat repair links on fabric repairs, gluing, sealant, painting, and other repair information.

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Why throw out your inflatable boat, spend many hundreds in expensive repairs at a shop, or thousands to buy a new tube set or complete inflatable boat, when you can repair, renew, or restore your inflatable yourself and save money!
5 Steps to a Complete Inflatable Boat Restoration.  If you want to do a complete restoration, here are 5 key steps to consider.
inflatable boat repairfabric and glue inflatable boat repair sealant Inflatable boat paint and repair rubber coatings Inflatable boat repair paint and rubber coatings

First you'll need to use
PVC or Hypalon fabric and glue to repair any holes,
tears, and delaminations
in your inflatable boat.

View products here.

If your inflatable boat has
slow leaks and loses air
over a period of a day
or 2, then try our tube
sealer liquid.

View products here.

Apply a new layer of
rubber to reskin the outer layer of tube fabric. This can be used alone or painted over also.  

View products here.

To renew your inflatable
boat's look, change
its color, or to do a major
fabric restoration due to
damage or general wear. 

View products here.

Use this kit to easily apply identification numbers to
your inflatable boat to
avoid theft and abide
by the law. 

View products here.

Don't need a complete boat restoration? Read these below and determine which repair products are best for your boat's needs.

Slow Leaks? If your inflatable boat has slow leaks and loses air over a period of a day or 2, then try our tube sealer liquid.  View products here.

Holes or Tears? If your inflatable boat has holes or tears, you'll need PVC or Hypalon repair fabric, glue, or a complete kit.  View products here.

Chaffed fabric? If your inflatable boat has chafed fabric, abrasions, and other damage, you may need to reskin its outer layer.  View products here.

Change the color? If your inflatable boat is looking faded or you want to change the color, repaint it easily and inexpensively.  View products here.

Minor Restoration? - If your inflatable boat needs some fabric repairs, and you may want to do a minor restoration.  View products here.

Major restoration? If your inflatable boat is in rough shape with abrasions and scuffs, you may want to do a major restoration.  View products here.

ID Numbers? If your inflatable boat has no numbers, consider putting them on to avoid theft and abide by the law.  View products here.


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