Inflatable boat repair products, inflatable repair kits, paint, products and information to repair inflatable boats

Inflatable Boat Repair Products and Paint                

Inflatable dinghy and inflatable boat repair paint from www.allinflatables.comInflatable dinghy repair and recoating paint for fixing old inflatable zodiac boats -

Before    A faded old inflatable is new again.    After

Inflatable boat repair and dinghy repair products, restore paint, repair kits, patches, glue, accessories and repairing information.

Repair, reseal, renew...and save money!

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Inflatable boat restoration kit for repairing inflatable boats and kayaks

A Complete Inflatable Boat Restoration Kit To repair & restore inflatable boats and related products.

A $159 value for only $129!

If your inflatable boat, kayak or dinghy is old and worn out, restore it with our complete restoration kits.  Works on Hypalon and PVC fabric inflatable boats and other inflatable products. Check out the restoration project pictures below. These have been used by the U.S. Navy Seals on their boats.

The four parts of a restoration kit include these below. Click on the link to review each product separately but come back here to order the kit and save money.:

Each Inflatable Boat Restoration Kit includes:

  • 1 bottle of sealant.

  • 1 quart tin of liquid rubber - Gray only.

  • 1 quart tin of topside paint - Black, Gray, or White.

  • 1 stencil kit (with stencil paint also).


From this....                                       to this.



Other Inflatable Boat Repair Products at a Glance

Inflatable Sealer

Repair Glue

Premium Restoration Paint for Inflatable Boats

These inflatable boat and dinghy repair products and repairing information are for the dinghy boat owner who wants to renew their inflatable boat without spending lots of money on expensive repairs or having to buy a new inflatable dinghy. We offer several repair products and accessory solutions for inflatable boat and dinghy fixing while saving you money.


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Inflatable boat repairs, repair kits, parts, accessories, paint, products and information for repairing dinghies and inflatable boats.